India at the Olympics: Why the Dearth of Medals?

The Atlantic – As I watched the Olympics this Summer, I had an epiphanic moment: where’s India? For such a large and economically powerful country (at least in terms of … Continue reading

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Latin America: Going the Way of the EU?

Council on Foreign Relations – Reporter Shannon O’Neil recently published an article titled “Latin America: Community Building Across Borders” describing, well, just that: the incredible mobility afforded to the Latin … Continue reading

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Knight Capital: Dangers of Algorithmic Trading

NYT – An electronic trading “bug” Wednesday, August 1st caused financial trader Knight Capital Group to lose $440 million in the markets and caused its shares to drop 63 percent. … Continue reading

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Mozambican Island Ibo Enters the Modern World

Reuters – Ibo, an island community with a history involving the slave trade and Portuguese colonization, finally received electricity this past spring 2012. Reporter Anya Schiffren writes what this benefit means for … Continue reading

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Must-Read: A Lightly Morbid Take on Credit Default Swaps (viz: “Celebrity Death Swaps”)

Macro Man – TMM offers a must-read analogy lightly comparing the Credit Default Swap (CDS) outlooks of economic players to selected “Celebrity Death Swaps” – the TMM coined CDS on the … Continue reading

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The Catch-22 of Financial Literacy

Chris Dillow – New research may show intelligence does not correlate with better investment returns. “A team of economists led by Mark Grinblatt at the University of California Los Angeles … Continue reading

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China Becoming Self-Sufficient

Chinanews via Chinascope – “MA Xiaohe, deputy director of the NDRC Academy of Macroeconomic Research, said on July 29 that the era of relying on exports to boost the Chinese … Continue reading

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